Design Engineer

Reference No: ENG-004
Reporting to: Technical Manager



As a Design Engineer, you will assist the Technical Manager in all the designing, preparation, securing required legal documents for all the drawings (i.e.: shop drawings, structural drawings, architectural drawings and M&E drawings).



  • Prepare and perform design for precast component according to client demand.
  • Responsible in the design and preparation of shop drawings and secure permits required by the government.
  • Review completed structural drawings, designs and specifications before issue for production.
  • Check and highlight all the discrepancies between Architectural, Structural and M&E drawings to finalize precast shop drawing for production.
  • Co-ordinate with relevant parties on technical issues.
  • Plan & carry out production or service under controlled conditions – including product characteristics, work instructions / standard work methods, suitable equipment, Monitoring & Measurement (MM), release, delivery & post-delivery activities.
  • Ensure customer requirement are determined and met, thus enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate to the organization the importance of meeting customer as well as statutory & regulatory requirement.
  •  Provide technical support for company operation.
  • Ensure the availability of resources.
  • Determine, collect & analyze data for informed management decision.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Management and the designated manager.



  • Bachelor degree in Civil / Structural engineering or equivalent.
  • 2 year experiences of structural design and calculation.
  • Experience in creating 3D models of building element.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills as well as excellent customer relation skills.
  • Able to work independently.
  • A team player with the ability to multi-task, prioritize and organize tasks.
  • Basic knowledge of precast concrete industry.


To apply, please send in your application to