Here in Greyform, we assembled a variety of precast production capabilities to offer wide range of precast concrete products for your building needs.

First in Singapore to adopt robotics in precast manufacturing process, our Automated Pallet Circulation Plant’s versatile design enables production of various 2 Dimensional precast component such as wall, column and slab on common pallet moulds.

Supported by availability of heavy duty lifting technology, we have pushed our pre-stressing capability to offer Hollowcore Slabs of up to 2.4 meters wide. Twice the width of a normal Hollowcore Slab, twice the level of productivity achieved.

Our fully sheltered production facility is also integrated with concrete batching plant, rebar fabrication plant and automated precast storage and retrieval system for overall production efficiency and at the same time meeting dateline according to the planned construction and delivery sequence.

The result is a highly efficient and productive plant producing enhanced quality precast products and deliver effortless construction to the industry.